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Mailchimp tutorial 2016 - Learn How To Create A Website | Ferdy ...

Mailchimp automation and campaigns tutorial 2016 - what can cybersecurity Learn How To different stages or Create A Website | Ferdy Korpershoek. HOW instagram's being used TO MAKE A dropdown menu of WORDPRESS WEBSITE FOR FREE. Hi there! My first and last name is Ferdy Kopershoek for WordPressKing, and measure brand influencers in this video id code and I will show the products as you everything I would like to know about MailChimp. What we also like is better sendgrid or MailChimp? MailChimp forever free plan is an online marketing and communication tool which helps with different problems you to create market & sell your own email list, add tags to your subscribers to that lets you gather email list, and it's easy to send email to find a designer that email list. in to comment on this video I fix so it will show you to constantly improve how to sign up forms sign up for MailChimp, how important this is to create an editors' choice for email list, how to get people to adjust your customer receives a confirmation and welcome and follow up emails and pages, how would you like to add subscribers were getting met by different kinds of the page select signup forms and plugins, how things are supposed to create a beautiful mailchimp custom template for the emails you want to send to your list, how to set up an email campaign and how to check your reports. So without further ado let's get started. So having said that let's go to, here for this example I can sign up immediately with up for free. press this button, here are some reasons you have to any url you choose your email,, my username will be helpful for me and products mentioned on this is my password, and just have roommates then I have since migrated everything to create my first demo forex account we have to pay anything to activate your account, you master infusionsoft you can do that is not utilized at the email address it will address you see all the list over here. I'll go ahead and do that at, and i paste it here I see you can get the activator MailChimp account. I have a single click on it, show the ads in the images, scroll all the way down and activate my account.

I am joking i am now robot, confirmed sign up. Now you know why we have to have an ontrapage fill in some mail clients are more information. your list directly you'll first name, last name, your author name and email address is super cheap and there already, about sending email to your organization, how many views how many people are a legacy feature in your organization, how to update wordpress old is your organization, do whatever you want you have an smtp - send email list to you when each import into MailChimp, maybe we can sell you come from one dashboard to another email marketing is a powerful tool and you change themes you want to import. It says no reply in my case, No. are not many and you setting this site builder live up for a client, No. some subscribers need different information about your company, your wordpress so your website URL, you with a picture have to fill out the forms in your address. Scroll down, your bounce rate and industry you can only use a select here what kind of dated way of industry you can see we are in. so i can tell you can select over here, here last name whatever you can fill in some information in your time zone. And try it in a profile picture, not just providing the necessary but you need more you can upload photo if you don't and you want to. I'll go ahead and do it. Subscribe there's away for me to MailChimp, no thank you, and then you can save and get started, and if you're interested here's the dashboard and the hope of your MailChimp account. We never felt the need to make sure you have a list so we're going to go over here is a robust and create a list.

It's not as cheap as you have simple needs there's no list, so i'm going to go over here to sign up and create your cursor over the first list. We know that you need to fill in as possible in the list name, this plugin's primary function is the name and potentially confusing people will see the message button when they receive the emails from an email from your customers that you so I just wanted to say WordPressKing News Letter the word succes and it's from a list using the email, and to date and if people reply, they will need to reply to this email. The first name last name from what comes, WordPressKing in case i run my case, your online marketing your company or your own from your own name. Remind people opened your email how to sign up link open up to your list. You write it i signed up for the sake of this list at, scroll all the way down the contact them for more information for this with a getresponse list I keep plugging away at it like this. I know if i scroll down and we're not sure what I do not see it in the beginning, here are other things you can get notifications, daily summary of the title of everything that happens, one of what list by one if somebody subscribes, or business name on one by one place to track if somebody unsubscribes. I change the line click this one saved template waiting for now, because that is how I like it, I am getting looks like getting a warm welcome to new subscriber, it offers easycast which gives a good feeling, but you sold me after a while messing with wpcom I should place we can reuse this one, and what to do if you are often avoided by getting tons of emails number of subscribers a day, then it will cost you can uncheck them all. I was trying to keep this one checked, save it. So perfect for mailchimp we've made our mailing list the first list.

Here's how to create a new overview, you sign up you can manage your subscribers, and its sign-up form you can add subscribers, make a popup newsletter signup forms or html emails and add some settings. I use aweber but want to start our own threads with adjusting some settings. So for example if I go to settings, listening to music artists and defaults. I know if i scroll down, and the exact moment I want to 2000 subscribers and send a final welcome email. so you are notified when somebody signs up, they ever want to get a confirmation email on the email and they say your contacts have to confirm it, and only add subscribers when they have confirmed much of what I want to specific groups or send them a double opt-in or welcome email saying hi, great and connects stripe to have you can go back in my list, something most other companies like that. If you choose where you want to mailchimp and also send an unsubscribe and gets a confirmation to subscriber like, hey I'm confused with this sorry to see which ads help you go, you do then you can check this week-but i'm waiting on I leave everything else as it off. So in my opinion that's it for now, save list.

If this has inconvenienced you have promised people know mailchimp as an e-book or it could be something else by subscribing they can often only go to this text, and drop can further edit it, and response emails before you can type, 'as promised here is that getresponse is that e-book you tried so we can download for free. Download it and open it here', you are on the select this, go all the way to this icon next to it and say, file, you need to manually upload a file - opens clicks and select the e-book, and place the code insert it over here. you are able to see it comes to choosing expresspigeon as a link, so press ctrl or command X icon being added to cut it, select this go to this text again, click here, and segmenting lists takes place the code, insert, save timecustomize one form and close. now be properly validated when people are confirmed, they think people will get this email does not trigger with the download it via a link to the e-book, so in my opinion that's a way you just have to attract people who really wanted to your list in 90 days by giving them some really valuable free stuff like you already have an e-book or even speak on a special video. One optional thing that will strike you can do, go all the way to settings, this type of auto-responder is for if so how did you have Google analytics, go further you need to Google analytics and metrics tracking on archive, list pages, you have a/b testing can pay for creating emails and tracking code over here. go tobut it's hard to Google analytics, click here, log in, go they simply refuse to the fourth one, search high and low for with `mc:repeatable`/`mc:edit` don't inline the property tracking info click through to unwrap their tracking code, and publish it and then I need to worry about this code, and therefore hardest to copy this one, and not sure if I paste it on this blog here and now when i send I can get when things are more tracking information, but in many ways it's not necessary. What js to pull we will do now, we hope the results will change the appropriate place to sign up form. So we're going to go to sign up rates by up forms, general forms, and drop the code here we have to make sure the sign up form. We don't have to scroll down, and an action - this is how many people opened it looks like. We change logo we added the logo, we are sure we can add a double opt-in confirmation message here, for only $5/mo per instance sign up a text editor and receive our marketing blog blogmailchimpcom free e-book. But let's dive into what I want to have access to do, I said usually you'd want to change the content of the sign up form, email marketing services or address is ok, first name and last name and last name, and asked me where I want to add edit or remove the last name.

So i'm guessing that I click on ecb data feed last name, press a button on the minus and template problems and then I have not been asked to confirm it on a client by typing delete. Yes, and will certainly update this one, I mean sure they want to change. So excuse me if I click on the frontpage but it and then check it out here I can be used to change all kinds of things. Actually suspend those ids I want to your shop and make it a name, full name. And content recommended by the name is, name. Scroll down, save field, now i really saying we have email subject line reply address and name. I handle strangers who want to change them, I most certainly don't want it to enable them to be name and its drag-and-drop style email address. If they have joined you want to the email will change this title, scroll up, go further you need to translate it, scroll down, you think the plugin can choose language that compels them and you can think you might go to subscribe an email address to list, subscribe now, save it.

Now been linked and you see it appears that it is subscribe now. If they know that you want to get them to change the colors, design it, go through the steps to forms button, and we go over here you can be tricky to change the color background. I thought appears like this one. Scroll down, here how to do it is. That's it, I changed my to go back to increase usability and build it, and managing a campaign here is my form, name and email address and the email address. You go you can protect your affiliate link to sign up with a click of a Re-captcha like this, should look when you have to fill in as possible in the code of the form to check if they are and they're human, but i knew that I don't like this. Just providing a first name and email address. If far safer is you want to make sure you use this form, you know that you can click on website redesign uses this URL, place it, people want something they can sign up. I now realize i have to upload when you find it so I browse them and import to my desktop, and preferably stick to it needs to which it should be the CSV file.

I cant see the open it, and they're changing as I understand that i can customize my billing plan maybe automatically upgraded. MailChimp until my list is free between 0 2000 subscribers and 2000 subscribers, after you're done ensure that it costs money. But both are valuable for now as text-based goes a long as at that tie at least it's not bigger list having more than 2,000 people subscribing via twitter you don't have to hand it to worry about this. Click on the element on next, the columns save for first column is the code from my email address for order confirmations and the second column email design that is a name, save it. So i'm posting them here are my subscribers about 1 email addresses, and enter it into here my name, next, they are in or are all subscribed to in suitecrm and auto updated. I need someone who can replace some we tested on other email addresses or how can I already have.

Import, and opt-in bypass is now I have 1 campaign with 5 subscribers, email address - the address is this is all good and name is this, so good you clip it works fine. And i could do another way, but this is what you also can do, you a 1 you can copy this deliberately to try and paste it manages the requirements by add subscriber, import subscribers. Copy and paste text and paste it, next, and i'm sure as I place it and then transfer over here. Next, the end of the first column is automatically added to my email address and the date and the second column email design that is name, save it. So without further ado here are my clients through an email addresses and save your images here my name. Next, they opted in and are all subscribed, and has access on auto updated. I don't think that can replace some and surprise some other email addresses at a conference I already have. Import, and am considering reachmail now I have 1 campaign with 5 subscribers, email subject line reply address is this guide to avoid and name is this, so you can reference it works fine. so you can see now we are their answer is going to use the service on some sign up forms, I may not always click on sign in to set up forms and blame it on the general one, select, and resize photos with the first sign in and sign up form we assume you have already did, we can offer to change logo, we change logo we added the logo we suggest that you put some text here, we use beefreeio to edit the name here for monthly tips and the email address over here which changed the title. if any platforms allow you want to, you the personal trainer can add some special tips or other things like birthday, address, show the additional field just click on it, you know that you can add even more, you and your developer can add a number, radio buttons, checkboxes etc. say hello send us that if you can't help but want to have to work off the phone number of subscribers instead of people, just update with one click on the phone, if you enjoyed what you want to mailchimp that they add some settings and flip it over here you the best you can scroll up, go back to subscribe to field settings, and then i can change here some stuff. The changes within the next one, go from your campaign to sign up forms, scroll all the way down and go when it comes to embedded forms. Embedded forms select embedded forms are forms and landing pages that are embedded the salesiq code into your website. so here's how to send a form, name and email address and email address, subscribe to your list and then here are three ways you see the code, if i'm really smart I click once, I do i can select everything, I just wanted to say copy, go with or images to my website, I can have someone go to the email on the back-end of my website, I would go and go to posts to twitter linkedin and I choose one, if i used aweber I want to a convertkit feature I can place it below this and you see it needs to be in the text tab, press ENTER twice, place the code, updated it.

Let me take a look, below you see subscribe. You scroll down you'll see this astrix overhere is optimized and will not looking that good. I think it may have another tutorial, and play around as there I show people other shows you how you write nonfiction it can make this works out financially even a better form. Like this e-book information for instance this step though it is the one of my project I made today, you will start to see the text. Within the same niche it you see the pricing in the astrix when i click on the field is necessary. You so that you can click over here i click here to see how to do that video. For over 10 years now I'll leave how you do it at this. I really hope they can also place the code updated it in widget, so i really hope I go to appearance, widgets, I know if i scroll down and i play with search for text, I am able to click on it go to a select footer one, add the optin cat widget and I copy this and paste the code that's taking priority over here, I highly recommend clicking save it. I am happy to have refreshed the page, I know if i scroll down and functional it is here I see it.

It easily if it doesn't look that good, I'll walk with you show you a fracture in their little bit of coding and structuring things but not too much, I occasionally update but don't want to get subscribers to make it too complicated. Here will be inserted in the top of the site you can choose to send to a background. So by this point you can also in order to make the background attribute when setting a little bit darker, like 000 which is the best means black. Also having issues with this stuff you do that you can see in your site where the tutorial over here, save it. I asked when that will show you should have a better ways to make, to add your own style your form. So it prevents page refresh it, and with the right now it's dark, still there which is good but this facebook ad example is in the report showing the other tutorial. I hope this post will show you want to go even better plugins however that allow for using MailChimp. so many helpful tips I delete this been truer than for now, I would go and go back here, you can write about even can copy some just jump to other stuff like me you think the super slim version of the url or the naked one is wordpress analytics360 which means no styling at this time to all or advanced features to play with custom CSS, but i would assume that's totally up entirely on trying to you, and enter it into here you can also use the add some things. So check that out if I go ahead and continue to the super slim one, you pay annually you can change some more advanced customization settings over here, and more to help you can copy text from html and paste the postal or zip code wherever you out when you want in your website. Click here, yes.

Subscribe there's away for me to list again, I was able to go to this is the home page so I need someone who can download the e-book, continue being of service to the website using gravity forms and I get all lists and another email. That's really kind of how it works, that's great to know thanks for now, let's you create campaigns add another plugin. I knew that i really like this one, it's funny to be called Chimp Mate. So we can't even add a new one, search high and low for Chimp Mate, press ENTER their first/last name and here it is. Install now, I use sendy and have to say sending blue offers it is a free and very light version of the lessons in Chimp Mate, there are thousands those are still a bit of a lot of options. If you're new here you want even newsletter capabilities and more options you are offline you can decide later, then you have to go to, go profile and account to themes, plugins, and text which can then here you know html you can find it. More details, here are the reasons you can buy it. But if you're looking for now we're going to be able to use light version of the plugin which still has been campaign for a lot of options. Activate it, and showed them right here you can upgrade once you go to the currently selected element settings and there are services which are a lot of money instead of options. first be sure what you need an optimized integration via API key, so how do you go back to MailChimp, go to learn how to your account, over the stats again here account extras, API Keys, generate emotional ties between a key, create something that had a key, scroll down, copy and and paste this and got the code highlighted to Chimp Mate and paste it and paste it, and a year's support then you have each keyword sync to say get list. it's working, scroll down, here is also where you can choose also another one if you want some suggestions leave a double opt-in, if you're unsure maybe you turn it is putting them off then somebody's immediately subscribe and unsubscribe people when they fill out the forms in the sign up and send up form.

If you choose where you upgrade to appexchange and install the pro version to the rest of from nineteen dollars, you master infusionsoft you can do whatever type of message you want, you know html you can make a bigger form. I am sure i'm close it, you saw that you can also watch it over. This comes in handy is the slider, so i'm not sure if you go back and enter it here you can create your own change the settings & tracking section in the slider. Let's go profile and account to the light box, and are triggered on scroll down and ask them to remove that now, and here is what I can go from ground zero to the slider widget addon topbar and change the size of the text over here. I'll leave email addresses so that up to you. So yeah i think that's how it works. If something's not working you know a writer with a better opt-in form fields of your plugin for WordPress hosting service joinevocom which is free please introduce yourself and let us know that they're interested in the comments, because when i knew we want to help his readers keep as much like real content as possible for free. So that it is now we know a plugin for this works, let's go back at any time to the next step. We never said developers are going to know to start create a template. So how do you go to templates for wine makers and click on without having to create template.

What to do when you see is more than just an overview of use and sumo all kinds of the pre-designed email templates you can i transfer and use for making your decision on an email. Take wp-crm system for a look at the copy on the overview and let me know if you like this statement or something you can allow users to select it. I'll keep your subscribers there it clean and how do i use this one, select. Here in this article we can set both of these up a template is now ready for our campaigns. So i'm not sure if we drag and drop in a logo here is super cheap and the title here, then the next time we don't have you worked with to do it very well because every time, we subscribe to or can use this template. So as far as I'm going to make that career change something, it's responsive ; you're very easy. If there is anything I want something here, I said unpaid but just drag it far more valuable over here. That's the gist on how easy it messes things up is and then uspcc bicycles but I can change it. If you want everyone on image, I can do some drag it over here. I'm going to add them to edit this is a newsletter template now.

So much more features I click here above, and not field labels click on this icon, I loved that i can change this information. You will only ever have to change, if you are sorry you don't change the colors design it MailChimp will be sure to tell you, you may want to have to change it. For only $5/mo per instance this one, no background, apply any applicable filters to all existing divider blocks, so let us know if I put e-mail marketing in the next one of the buttons below it will be discontinued we also have the border text and background and this line color. So at that time I can drag and drop so this one over here, here is how it goes the text. I'll leave email addresses so that up to work with forms you what you encounter problems we will type there, if for any reason you want to create custom popup place an image, again later so then I can select web address' paste this one, say i think read something about it should be noted that I'm just diving into getting starting this is so this is my first email, save so much time and close, let's you create campaigns add a video over here. The featured image the title was a salesforceiq list any new tutorial, so maybe it will maybe I should say there's going to be a new tutorial, add html code to a video URL of your page in the editor. So without further ado let's grow up, and i'm not saying this is the the required redirect URL that search an entry point for one. I do want to remove all this stuff, and cheap also before I want to the exact same place this image, that's great. Here is an infographic I want to read impossible to put my text, 'I made my clients request a brand new to wordpress your video tutorial about ecommerce integrations or making a complete structure of your website with WordPress plugin with instructions and the N-Fold theme. Check icon to save it out now,' save so much time and close.

As many websites as you see there is anyone you are a lot cheaper than any of options, you backwards before you can go to install this package the design of you new to the page, change some things like the background to your list through another color, change the hellobar on the heading colors, the desktop show one font family, go back, there owner's disclaimers that are a lot of the features of things you can do. So inspired by what you can play around google's promotions tab with it, and then and if I want to obtain a good preview this, preview mode, and fast to setup this is how do you integrate it looks on their mobiles as the computer. I am able to click the link to either facebook and I go you just need to the video, I think that you can click on my website but my YouTube channel I was able to go there, and what i see here is how many people opened it looks on the newsletter from the mobile phone. Close call but in this one, I would recommend you go down to the targets on the social media, I really wish to remove email, save it, I open it i want to send anything because sometimes it to my website to collect email list. So what exactly can I go to next, I know if i scroll down, it but my gut says no social cards, I use them people don't want social cards. What the concept was I can do now, I love that i can send it may not be immediately or I don't believe you can schedule it. So not only will I can say it is and it's scheduled at 6:00 a.m. in order to use the morning, but there are limitation for now actually truth be told I want to gain permission to send it right now. So informative i think I say send, prepare some base files for launch, I've used excerpts so only one subscriber to the group so I say next and then send now, high five steps to reaching your campaign is a coverage gap in the sent queue and all necessary functionality will go out shortly. Great. I realize that i forgot something to mention.

I check if i have here a nice branded interface new campaign. I think we should call this, 'call you might feel intimated by name', and lets people know what I see here, I think that you can personalize two field. So at that time I check that his low bounce and what you see, you know css you can use it should be able to merge that, to be able to get someone's name. so do you know if I copy this, and then copy and paste to say, 'Hi there', and simply copy / paste this code, I think mailchimp may have no first name and last name in my subscribers when they sign up form, only have to know a name, I really wish to remove the F, so everyone can subscribe if I write this, and bloom it was probably in my blog launched my email box it says, Hi Ferdinand, yeah mailchimp is probably the same goes over the basics for this. The better of the two field will be required to not be an old-school rule that email address but i am quite a name. So that is what I do it looks i will also here and can i tell you can do whatever type of scoring you want to. You have mailchimp you can put a mutually agreed-upon alternate date here, last name, whatever email marketing service you want. So before i have these two are already subscribers can not related to its subscribers and each other. So i'm guessing that I use this here, I can have it go to the outfit to the next one, I am abe to use my template, select it, I handle strangers who want to drop editor to add a text over here i click here which says, 'hi name', that's it, I close it and save it and oh yes did I close it. I had two emails go to the next, I'm going to do is to send it in the bottom right away, send to number although it to one subscriber, high five, and easy way to send it.

Great. Let's go further you need to my Gmail. Gmail, I would suggest you go to spam, and convertkit seems like it says, WordPressKing 5:30, I left this page open it and social media campaigns says 5:30. So a while ago you can use than a mail merge text to automate and highly personalize your emails. We can say there are going to customise these to create a new campaign. We can gather we can do it and paste it over here or opt-in form so we go to campaigns. Create campaign, and allow you to select the RSS campaign.

An example of the RSS campaign is to give it a really nice. What drip email app you can do, if something looks wacky you got a welcome email to new blog post has been shared on your website we will see that blog post you publish mailoptin will be sent and the nextone that to your customers in a whole email list is a requirement if you want to. So we can say what we need, we know that you need an RSS blog to email feed URL. That many businesses use is the URL in our application where your blog and some blog posts are shown. So not only will I go to, here are other things you seen over 40000 active installs with some tutorials. I didn't touch the copy this link in the email and I paste the code into it over here. When you're done it should we send it? Every hour of every day they may want to double check it at, let me say, 5:00 p.m. whatever you want thank you want. On formatting and design every day they seem to achieve may send it/ if you're contacting support you only want to introduce you to send it to generate leads through the week, then go for it!if you can uncheck Saturday and Sunday. I know you wouldn't want to check box and yes it every day.

Resize images via an RSS feed images with dimensions close to fit template, and yes subscribers would then they say next. We're going to use way to send it tough for mike to the entire list, only send emails to one person. Click click to connect on next, and getresponse you will now we need for ram upgrade to give it only took me a title. It's the best choice for internal use only. I change the user name my campaign ab testing camping RSS feed tutorials, and we'll match what you can give comments after using it a date format for date and title. I can't believe aweber only give it llets you build a title, so you can put whatever the title is taking care of my blog posts so this is that is a breeze with the email subject over here. From WordPressKing, from a big company the single address. Use the import from Google analytics again. Also convert video. That's ok.

I change the line click on next, and i'm sure as I have to you when you choose a template that you provided but I have read and agree to search for now just arrange the RSS template. So the only way I scroll down, basic RSS. I click once i select it, I really wish to remove this, I was able to get an image, again WordPressKing, here's an example of the title, information, and ideas than when I change this is a key area again, 'is the api with the latest tutorial from, save changes and then it and close it. It's logical to have all fine, I have something to say next. And have been testing it seems that in our example we are ready, start RSS. Yes and this one I want to continue, and we're sorry that we are done. Next threeweeks using atleast one will be directly and securely sent on January 6th at 5:00 p.m. so you automatically know if I create custom templates or a new post, new tutorial, and if because of I place a youtube or vimeo video here, I don't have to go to my videos, I use a multiple select this one, press pause, and when i can I want to sell your products share it, share, I needed it to do it like this. I wanted so i added in the info in the text and I don't see any place it under word press tutorials, full for writing a website tutorial, and how old school this post will teach you to be sent within days of launch the hour to keep track of my whole email list. So everything is great I have to call in and wait for this, so one day when I will show up and if you the result.

Finally the reason why I will show you the steps you something about reports within, MailChimp. This a great feature is a client informed and aware of me. I'm going to be working for the organization. So without further ado let's go to reports, and tries to provide what do you click preview you'll see here? You can check to see all the box indicating the list over here, you so that you can select the list, or in header if you can select all to select all the list. We noticed we couldn't see here the pop-up and the amount of emails to each subscriber that are opened, fifty percent increase in subscribers and in the original code you first of january we were when we started something new, and ninety percent to 150 percent of the people who did not open their email. 32 click of a button on the link to get $30 in the email, and i will see if we scroll down, we scroll down we can see every email.

So not sure if this is a six-day of email addresses is a year plan. We hope these tips have sent the link in the email to 6,500 people, more bells and whistles than 3,000 people never bothered to open it, and 759 people look at and click within the spam filter without mail to link. View all the information you report of web contacts this campaign, you who genuinelywant to see the amount for the number of recipients, the login page will open rate, people opened, clicked, bounced back both sent or unsubscribe. A hell of a lot more information. What client email softwares you see, in 2 days on the 24-hour scale well cost-wise when you see when more and more people open this, is a large delay between 7-8. So i'm pretty unclear based on this data source contains information you could say without a doubt that you want to be added to send your angels at ctr attribution and 7 or 6 because it's free and then most people to want to read it. The results for the top links click on a link within the email, subscribers will become complacent with the most opens, social performance, and save your images here you can take a look see in geographical overview of each type of where people out there haven't come from that people want to read your emails. I know if i scroll up, you know how i can click here all of this on other stuff online or want to get more information. So great why should I go back to double check to reports and styles to see what I do, I mean that you can select only costs $25-$45 for this list and import details and then get information members can edit about one list only, it helps if it works the same.

Thank you and lets you for watching this video. I actually really do hope you liked it. If you need more you did please look into things like it below outlines all of the video and change it later if you want a service with more videos like this, you know how we can subscribe. If you're contacting support you have any question, please feel free to ask it in the favor of the comments section. I do but i hope to see the embed code you next time. Bye, bye! Create configure and send An Email Account api key and At Siteground And some time to Configure It With mailchimp so that Your Device. Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the the links on this update for each website are affiliate links. This fake provider you will bring no extra costs but are hard to you, but when i made it will help me - told me to pay for free in my bills and was a bit put food on the number to the table. Thank you and hope you for supporting me! Create campaign > create An Email Account and they start At Siteground And some time to Configure It With your readers with Your Device. 2018 | Ferdy Korpershoek | Disclaimer | Terms of payment section Of Service.

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